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Pet Parents

Pet Parents
  1. I lost my dog Samson in a car accident on Dec. 13, 2006. It was one of THE worst days of my life. Samson was sleeping on the front seat (unrestrained) and we were hit my an 83 year old man who was disoriented/possibly intoxicated leaving a restaurant when he pulled out in front of us and hit us. Arresting and ticketing this man did not bring Samson back. However, I learned a VERY valuable lesson about using a seatbelt for my future pet(s) and having them ride in the backseat. I now have a min. English bulldog named Delilah who travels in the backseat of my car and wears a harness seatbelt at all times. I would like to bring more awareness to the importance of pet safety while people travel.

  2. When I had my "first" dogs, I used to allow them to ride in the front seat or stand in between seats, until one day someone pulled out in front of my vehicle and my poor little Westie went flying into the gear shift, shifting it out of gear, and subsequently landing on the floor obviously startled and shaken. Fortunately she was uninjured but I since then no dog is allowed to be upfront or stand on all fours in the middle. I do use restraints on occasion (should use more) and often use secured crates for long distance travel.

  3. On Feb 15, 2010 I was on the highway bringing my Pit Bull mix Cocoa home from the vet, I was behind a tractor trailer and I changed lanes to go around him, I made it up to the front of his trailer when he started to change lanes (into my lane) he scraped the whole side of my car with his whole trailer when I ended up at the back of it I was pushed into the center median, my dog was standing in the passenger seat the side he hit me on, he never stopped and they have not found him, she went flying to the floor. I had a seatbelt for her but she liked to walk around so I never used it. I got it out and now we are using it saving her is more important than her having to be able to walk around!

  4. Last summer my husband was running some errands around town with the dogs. Someone cut off the vehicle in front of him and my husband had to slam on his brakes. My 150 lb Brindle Mastiff was ejected from the backseat of the truck through about a 7 inch gap in the back seat window. Once ejected he tumbled into the street, a vehicle and took off running. My husband took off after him but wasn't able to keep up with him. He called me in a panic. My heart was broken! I met up with him to continue the search and we found Otis after about a few hours, huddled up in someone's back yard under some brush. My heart was in my stomach! We loaded Otis into the truck and called ahead to our vet. When we arrived they took us right in and began the examination. Fortunately because of his size and density of his bones, he didn't have any broken bones but received road rash and a seroma that took several excruciating months to finally heal. Later that day I went out and purchased 2 seat belts which both of my dogs wear every single time we go for a ride. No excuses! I often think about how lucky we were and cannot imagine losing one of our pets to something that is preventable. Always buckle the entire family up, including the furry members!

  5. We were traveling to an agility trial with our two dogs in their crates in the 2nd row passenger position of our 2 yr old Caravan. (The 2nd and 3rd rw seats were removed). The crates were firmly attached to the van with bungees. It was a busy Friday afternoon on an accident prone freeway. We had just stopped because of a jam-up which had appeared very suddenly. We were rear-ended by a motor home traveling 55 MPH. Our van was flipped on its right side. Except for a small scrape on one dog's head, they were fine. The bungees acted like shock absorbers. The tail- gate was badly mashed with the rear window popped out. Having been belted in the passenger seat, the "pivot"position, I had the only injuries. If the dogs had not been restrained, it would have been very different. The van was totaled.

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